LifeMatters radio interview on LGBTQ+ spaces on the internet

As part of World Pride, ABC Radio National’s Life Matters program ran a series on LGBTQ+ spaces. I spoke to the excellent Nat Tencic about the history, challenges, and opportunities around LGBTQ+ spaces on the internet. Recording here:

How we gather: how the internet became the new gay bar

While LGBTQ+ gathering spaces have been under threat in the physical world, queer people of all ages have been flocking to meet each other online, developing new language, identities and relationships.

In the last part of our three-part series, we explore how queer people spearheaded the early internet, and how those communities have changed our understanding of queerness in the real world.


Hannah McElhinney, Rainbow History Class

Brady Robards, Associate Professor in Sociology at Monash University