Photo 10-12-2014 8 00 51 pmI have taught into a range of units and courses since 2008, primarily in the areas of sociology and cultural studies. I’ve also delivered various guest lectures on my area of research, the social web. I began teaching in Griffith University’s School of Humanities in the Bachelors of Arts and Communications, but I have also delivered guest lectures in the Griffith Business School and the Queensland College of Art. In 2012, I also began teaching into the Diploma of Media & Communication at the Queensland Institute of Business and Technology. In 2013, I joined the sociology team at the University of Tasmania where I taught into the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Social Sciences. In 2017, I moved to the sociology program at Monash University where I now teach into the Bachelor of Arts in the School of Social Sciences.

2017 – continuing (full-time, Level C)

Monash University (Bachelor of Arts)

  • Sex and the Media (ATS2561)
  • The Individual and Society (ATS1366)

2013 – 2016 (full-time, Level B)

University of Tasmania (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Sciences)

  • Sociology of Youth (HGA277/377)
  • Sociology B [Intro to Sociology] (HGA102)
  • Social and Political Research (HGA203/303)
  • Digital Society (HGA235/335)

2012 (sessional)

Griffith University (Bachelor of Arts)

  • Social Sciences in Australia (1007HUM) – convenor and lecturer
  • Youth & Society (1105HUM) – tutor

Queensland Institute of Business & Technology (Diploma of Media & Communication)

  • Youth & Society (1105HUM) – coordinator and lecturer

2011 (full-time, level A)

Griffith University (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Communications)

  • Youth & Society (1105HUM) – convenor and lecturer
  • Social Sciences in Australia (1007HUM) – convenor and lecturer
  • Youth Culture & Subculture (3702HUM) – convenor and lecturer

2008 – 2010 (sessional)

Griffith University (Bachelor of Arts)

  • Research in Sociology (3035HUM) – lecturer
  • Youth Culture & Subculture (3702HUM) – lecturer
  • Cultural Theory, Cultural Practice (3005ART) – lecturer
  • Fame & Celebrity (2048HUM) – lecturer
  • Social Sciences in Australia (1007HUM) – lecturer
  • Youth & Society (1105HUM) – lecturer
  • Culture, Community & Enterprise (2108HSL) – guest lecturer
  • Website Design (2586QCA) – guest lecturer
  • New Communication Technologies (1501ART) – guest lecturer
  • Thinking Ethically (2706HUM) – tutor and guest lecturer
  • Gender, History & Culture (1907ART) – tutor
  • Producing Culture (2003HUM) – tutor
  • Sites & Situations (3001ART) – tutor