Who gets fired over social media posts?

Drawing on our recent article in Social Media + Society, we wrote a short piece for The Conversation from my DECRA project on the impact of social media on employment.

The short article, co-authored with my excellent Research Assistant on the DECRA Darren Graf, reports on our SM+S article and examines the boundaries around what social media posts are ‘fair game’ when it comes to making employment decisions (especially firing, but also hiring). We also bring Duffy and Chan’s notion of the ‘hidden curriculum of surveillance’ into the discussion, which has particular relevance when reflecting on how this shapes young people’s social media use, impression management processes, privacy settings, friending strategies, etc. More on this in future papers based on interviews and focus groups we have been conducting over the past few years.

View the Conversation article here: https://theconversation.com/who-really-gets-fired-over-social-media-posts-we-studied-hundreds-of-cases-to-find-out-182424

The piece has also generated some interest in other media, has been republished in several outlets, and has generated a few media interviews. Altmetrics tracking of this engagement is recorded here: https://sage.altmetric.com/details/124004320/news