Tumblr says it’s queer now?

Today Tumblr tweeted to claim it was ‘one of the queerest places on the internet’:

Our previous research (shout out to the Scrolling Beyond Binaries crew) demonstrated this – at least from our Australian data – back in 2016.

This sharp Buzzfeed article came out today too (thanks for linking it to us Clare!), responding to Tumblr’s newly found claim to queerness, correctly calling them out on the hypocrisy here after their NSFW ban, which as Stefanie Duguay explained at the time, was bad for LGBTQ young people.

The Buzzfeed piece by Lauren Strapagiel links back to our 2017 article on The Conversation, led by Paul Byron, ‘There’s something queer about Tumblr’. It’s pretty galling to see the platform celebrating its queer userbase now, after trying to sterilise the platform with the NSFW ban.