2020 Talks

It has been a very strange year for talks, but here is my annual round-up for the archive. No travel, all by Zoom and including some pre-records. Compared to previous years I’ve also been involved in more workshops, learning and helping others work through their own research methods – in general, in terms of ethics, but also in the context of the pandemic and looking more at digital research methods.

21/5/2020Beyond hooking up on hook-up apps: Friendship, connectedness, and community for young LGBTIQ+ Australians
International Communication Association Conference
14/5/2020Postgraduate research in the era of COVID-19
TASA Thursdays Seminar Series
19/5/2020Managing research stakeholder relationships in the time of COVID-19
Monash Research Support Seminar
11/6/2020Digital Media & Belonging
Keynote at the School of Social Sciences Honours Conference
9/7/2020Digital research methods during the pandemic
TASA Thursdays Seminar Series
16/7/2020DECRA application and development seminar
Arts Research Office Seminar
29/7/2020‘You CAN ask that’: ECR methods forum on research during the pandemic
Monash Faculty of Education Seminar Series
7/9/2020COVID-19 & Digital Disruption
Social Sciences Week
27/10/2020Queering the Map: Physical traces and digital places of queer lives, with Ash Watson, Emma Kirby, Brendan Churchill, Lucas LaRochelle
Association of Internet Researchers annual conference
25/11/2020Scrolling Back & Beyond Binaries
Monash Media & Gender Methods Workshop
3/12/2020Researching with young people in digital spaces
European Children Online: Research and Evidence seminar on research ethics
8/12/2020Fired! An analysis of news stories on people being fired from their jobs over social media posts: Intimate boundaries, privacy, visability, and justice, with Darren Graf
Digital Intimacies 6 Symposium: Connections in Crisis