Event – Public Trust in Social Media

As part of Social Sciences Week, this year we are hosting a public panel on Public Trust in Social Media. Please join us! With thanks to John Gardner for leading the organisation of the event, and support from the Monash School of Social Sciences to make it happen.

Public Trust in Social Media

Social media are now firmly embedded in the daily lives of many people, as channels for connection, as sources of news and information, and as archives of personal memories. At the same time, public trust in social media companies has plummeted in the wake of data breaches and scandals about how our personal data is being used to profile us. How do we reconcile our reliance on social media with our distrust? How might the governance of social media platforms change in the future? Can social media play a role in a better future for our world? This event will explore these questions and more. Come and join us for an open dialogue led by a panel of world-leading researchers studying the impacts of social media.

10 September 5.30 pm – 7:00 pm
Level 7, Seminar rooms 2 & 3
Monash Conference Centre
30 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Register (FREE!) Drinks and canapes provided:
Panel members: 
Asher Flynn, Associate Professor of Criminology at Monash University. Asher’s research investigates gendered and technology-facilitated violence, such as online harassment and image-based abuse. She is particularly interested in how people access and negotiate justice in a world increasingly dominated by social media, artificial intelligence and digital technology.Mark Andrejevic, Professor, School of Media Film and Journalism at Monash University. Mark’s research explores the social implications of data mining and online monitoring, and he has undertaken a major project investigating public attitudes toward the collection of personal information online. Mark is committed to finding ways to take advantage of new digital technologies that facilitate democratic values and social justice.Akane Kanai, Lecturer in Media & Communication Studies at Monash University. Akane’s research investigates changing practices of gender through media, spanning digital self-representational practices, popular culture and self-branding. She is particularly interested how social media is impacting cultures of femininity, feminism and women’s role in contemporary life, work, and successful selfhood.Steven Roberts, Associate Professor in Sociology at Monash University. Steven is an internationally recognized expert on young people’s transitions to adulthood and the changing nature of men and masculinity. His research has focused on issues such as men’s emotionality, education and employment, risky drinking, and more recently, the way in which young people and men engage with social media.

M/C:                Brady Robards
Welcome:        Jo Lindsay
Organisers:     John Gardner, Brady Robards, Jo Lindsay


Here is a recording of the event:


And photos from the event — thank you to everyone who came! Photo credits to Jan Kilicaslan, Jo Lindsay, and Ben Lyall.