Building bridges for interdisciplinary research

This week I gave a keynote presentation at the Swinburne HDR conference, on building bridges for interdisciplinary research. It was great to be involved and hear about all the fab work being done at Swinburne.

The abstract…

Interdisciplinary research: Backstage

Interdisciplinarity is a bit of a buzzword in academia, but working across disciplines is important and can be very rewarding. In this talk I will map out some of the key challenges and opportunities associated with working across research disciplines. I will sketch out my own research pathway, as an early career academic situated between sociology and digital media studies, and also working on projects with colleagues in tourism, business, social work, and health. I seek to provide a ‘backstage’ account of how I’ve navigated all of this, with a focus on practical advice for emerging scholars and early career researchers with both academic and non-academic pathways.

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