2016 Upcoming Talks

Aug 29
Growing up digital: Sustained social media use and longitudinal digital traces
UTAS Research Week Spotlight Symposium
Sept 27
Mediating and looking back on relationships through long-term Facebook use
With Sian Lincoln
Mediating Private Lives Seminar, Liverpool John Moores University
Oct 7
Making it ‘Facebook Official’: Reflecting on romantic relationships through sustained Facebook use
With Sian Lincoln
Association of Internet Researchers Conference
Oct 8
Panel: Patrolling Sexuality and Gender in Digital Social Spaces (Vivienne, Abidin, Byron)
r/TotallyStraight: Contested sexual identities on Reddit
Association of Internet Researchers Conference
Nov 28
Workshop: Making the most out of academic conferences
With Luke Gahan
The Australian Sociological Association Conference, Postgraduate Day
Nov 29-Dec 1
Scrolling Beyond Binaries: Exploring social media use amongst young LGBTIQ+ Australians
With Brendan Churchill
The Australian Sociological Association Conference
Dec 4
Panel: Methodologies for understanding young lives in the 21st century (Butler, Hamilton, Brooks)
Uncovering longitudinal life narratives: Scrolling back on Facebook
Youth Health and Practical Justice Conference, UNSW
Dec 12-13
‘Feeling like I’m not alone’: Social media as a resource for young LGBTIQ+ people
Digital Intimacies Symposium, v2.0