Mediated Youth Cultures

I’m really pleased to announce the edited collection I worked on with my PhD supervisor and great colleague, Andy Bennett, is now out there on shelves!

Mediated Youth Cultures features a range of essays I’m proud to have seen develop from wee abstracts into great contributions to the field. Here’s the official blurb:

Andy Bennett and Brady Robards bring together thirteen timely essays from across the globe that consider a range of ‘mediated youth cultures’, covering topics such as how stories about growing up are mediated on Facebook, the phenomenon of dance imitations on YouTube, the circulation of zines online, the resurgence of roller derby on the social web, drinking cultures, Israeli blogs, Korean pop music, and more. The collection, drawing on research conducted with young people into their social and cultural lives, provides readers with a deep, fine-grained understanding of how youth culture circulates online. It is clear that, although the internet affords young people with new opportunities and risks, many of the youth cultures covered in this collection are not ‘new’ in themselves, but are instead mediated – played out – in new, and imaginative forms.

You can download a sample chapter from the Palgrave website, which includes the table of contents, introduction, and an index. The book itself sits alongside a special issue of Continuum that I also co-edited with Andy Bennett, on the same topic. It feels like it has been in the making for quite a while, so I appreciate the patience of all the stellar contributors. We are hoping to formally launch the book at a conference towards the end of the year. More on that later.