Exploring ethical issues in youth research

Congratulations and thanks to Rachel Brooks and Kitty te Riele, guest editors of the special issue of Young published today, ’Exploring Ethical Issues in Youth Research’. Here is the table of contents, including my own work on the ethical challenges I faced in my doctoral research friending participants on MySpace and Facebook. Links will take you to abstracts.

  1. Friending Participants: Managing the Researcher–Participant Relationship on Social Network Sites, Brady Robards
  2. Private Conversations and Public Audiences: Exploring the Ethical Implications of Using Mobile Telephones to Research Young People’s Lives, Denise Hinton
  3. Between the Personal and the Professional: Ethical Challenges When Using Visual Ethnography to Understand Young People’s Use of Popular Visual Material Culture, Kristen Ali Eglinton
  4. Survival of the Fastest: Ethical Dilemmas in Research with ‘Boy Racers’, Karen Lumsden
  5. The Ethical Dilemmas of Restudies in Researching Youth, Henrietta O’Connor and John Goodwin

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