Brady Robards

Lecturer in sociology at the University of Tasmania, Australia. Interested in how young people mediate and reflect on stories of transition or 'growing up' on the social web.

Next week there are two exciting academic youth cultures events in Brisbane. The first is a two day symposium titled Youth Cultures and Subcultures: Australian Perspectives. This symposium brings together a really impressive array of scholars doing research into youth cultures/subcultures/post-subcultures in Australia. We are hoping to turn the symposium into an edited collection in the not too distant future. I was one of the organisers of the symposium along with my wonderful and very impressive colleagues Dr Sarah BakerChris Driver and Bob Buttigieg. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the whole thing due to other commitments, but I am looking forward to presenting my paper and attending as many other papers as possible. My paper is titled ‘Belonging in-between subcultures: Multiplicity in everyday systems of belonging performed on social network sites’. I’ll put the slides up here in the next few weeks.

The second event is a slightly bigger conference called Youth Cultures, Belongings, Transitions: Bridging the Gap in Youth Research. Clearly this conference has a wider focus than the symposium, but will no doubt touch on many similar themes and issues. I’m also looking forward to presenting a paper at this conference, titled ‘Transition narratives and critical moments on social network sites’ - more when I put the slides up.